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Maynard Hill | AMA Foundation

Finding a modeler in the model aviation industry who was more beloved than Maynard Hill would be a struggle. He is remembered as one of the best to ever fly or design a model airplane. Most noted for his epic flight from Newfoundland to the west coast of Ireland in 2003, with his balsa-and-Mylar airplane, Hill was nicknamed “Little Lindy” after pilot Charles Lindbergh. His support of model aviation continued after he retired from designing and flying. He was a supporting patron of the AMA’s National Model Aviation Museum and made several contributions to the museum’s collection.

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Every Hero Has a Brick

Over the PA system on the USS Bradley (DE-1041) just off the coast of North Vietnam in 1968, everyone heard the announcement “Flight Operations”. The Captain ordered the Signal Bridge to run up "Foxtrot,” the flag for "Flight Operations Underway". This was a first since this flag was normally seen only on aircraft carriers. He ordered the ship to "run with the wind," for zero knots over the deck wind speed.

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Katie Bosman

“If it wasn’t for model aviation, I would not be doing what I am today.”

From a young age, Katie Bosman was enticed by flight. Perhaps it came from her parents’ love of birds, and the art pieces they put together to capture the essence of their flight. Her fascination with flying continued after her first model aviation club exposed her to the facets of model aviation. The hobby was an inspiration throughout her whole life. Not only did she learn about physics and science, but the hobby helped her to build her confidence by exposing her to public speaking, taught her the importance of camaraderie and being a good sport through competition, and eventually lead her to realize her love of journalism. Today Katie continues to be immersed in the world of aviation as Marketing/Tech Writer for GRT Avionics, a small company that manufactures electronics for full-scale experimental aircraft. Katie has also been invited to sit on the AMA Scholarship Committee, to review and accept scholarships.

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Warren Knapp

"I consider it a pleasure and privilege to provide a gift that will help continue AMA’s activities and programs.”

Starting at an early age, Warren was interested in building and flying model airplanes. He can remember flying near his Decorah, Iowa home in grade school in the late 1940s. He won his first contest as a junior competitor in Mason City, Iowa at a 1/2A Free Flight event. He went on to win trophies at Control Line Combat events, and began building models, including a DeBolt Live Wire Cruiser, in his dorm room.

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Aeromodelers thank National Model Aviation Museum staff for research

Maria VanVreede, the National Model Aviation Museum’s collections manager, recently received a letter from aeromodeler Jim Doherty thanking her for the research she completed upon his request. Jim was searching for an article from the 1953 Model Airplane News publication that he and fellow aeromodeler and friend Bill Dunwoody worked on together. The article, which detailed ‘dual escapement’, is one that they have not forgotten more than 60 years later. This is one service that the National Model Aviation staff is happy to help aeromodelers with. read more Aeromodelers thank National Model Aviation Museum staff for research