AMA Foundation Launches Torchbearer Drive!

An AMA Foundation Torchbearer is a donor who carries the torch at the head of the mission and truly embodies the spirit of leadership, passion, and commitment to the hobby. The torch icon symbolizes one’s passion, commitment, and unselfish service to our culture and community of model aviators, and the flame cannot be extinguished.

For many, the model aviation hobby started when we were young. For two of my younger brothers and me, it started with Free Flight and Control Line. My dad would take us to the park or school parking lot, where, under his guidance, we would spend several hours winding rubber bands, performing stunts, and modifying our planes for better performance. I can still see them fly.

Today, distractions take parents and youth away from tangible experiences and interactions. AMA Foundation Torchbearers are carrying the torch forward and supporting the AMA Foundation to help overcome these adversities and ensure the advancement of the hobby, that our community thrives, and that it continues to inspire future generations of modelers.

As a Torchbearer, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your support is helping to preserve and grow one of the most significant hobbies the world has ever known. Our community of model aviators is responsible for countless contributions and innovations worldwide.

Much of my life has been shaped by this wonderful hobby and the interests and education it has instilled in me. I am a licensed full-scale pilot with two patents – one of which is from what I learned through working with servos and control rods. In my previous position as an emergency responder, I operated remotely pilot fixed-wing aircraft and multirotors to save lives and protect property. For many of you as well, model aviation has shaped your lives in ways that might not have been possible without our hobby.

On April 1, we launched our 2023 Torchbearer Drive, with the goal to get 50 more donors to join our group of 52 dedicated supporters who have already pledged to carry the torch.

Your monthly donation can make an impactful and lasting difference in supporting the Foundation’s programs and initiatives and the lives of model aviation enthusiasts, helping to preserve, sustain, and promote our hobby for the next generation. the consistency of monthly donations also helps the Foundation plan and budget effectively, ensuring sustainable support for its various programs and initiatives.

to sign up to become a Torchbearer, visit, choose the fund of your choice, pick the give monthly option, choose the amount you wish to give each month, and finish with your payment information.

As an added incentive, new Torchbearers will receive two bonus gifts in their welcome kit. In addition to the photo magnet frame and campfire mug, new Torchbearers will receive an AMA Foundation fleece blanket and an AMA Foundation hat! *Fleece blanket and hat available while supplies last.*

But wait, there’s more! Those who sign up to become a Torchbearer between April 1 and May 27 will also be entered to win a leather aviator jacket, donated by AMA President Rich Hanson. New Torchbearers will receive one entry for every dollar they pledge to give each month. Example: $15 a month = 15 entries. For more details about this giveaway, visit our webpage HERE.

We hope you’ll join us in creating a lasting legacy for the hobby that we love so much by becoming an AMA Foundation Torchbearer today!