AmazonSmile Ends on February 20 & Shoutout to New Torchbearers!

On February 1 we informed our members that Amazon announced the end of their AmazonSmile program. This program was created in 2013 as a way to allow people to shop online and then have a percentage of their purchase go toward a charity of their choice. Doing this added no extra cost to the individual’s order, Amazon simply donated a portion of what would have been their profit. 

The AMA Foundation has taken part in the AmazonSmile program for several years, and we are so thankful for everyone who has shopped online and selected us as their charity of choice for funds to be donated to. In 2022 alone, we received more than $2,500 from this program, which we used to continue promoting and supporting model aviation and our members. 

In our previous email about AmazonSmile, we asked that our members consider doing some online shopping that they may have been putting off so that we can utilize the program until the very end, and we also made a call that all of our members consider signing up to become an AMA Foundation Torchbearer. Torchbearers are a dedicated group of donors that give monthly to the fund of their choice, and are pledging to make an impact for future generations. These new donors would help us recoup the donations that we will be missing out on by Amazon ending their program. 

We are so happy to see the response to our call to action and to see how all of you genuinely care about our incredible hobby. Since our email on February 1, we have gained 11 new Torchbearers, and we want to give a special shoutout to these dedicated donors: 

Ian Clark 

Michael Feitinger 

Zach Gibson 

Harold Gough 

Charles Graham 

James Houck 

Daren Hudson 

James Luby 

Tom Mulder 

Paul Polillo 

Gary Wolz 

You all are joining a group of donors that is so special to the AMA Foundation team and we are so excited to see you carrying the torch for the future of our hobby! 

Our original goal for the month of February was, and still is, to gain 22 new Torchbearers, and since we are already halfway there, we are sure that we can reach our goal! We would love for you to consider joining these individuals in carrying the torch by pledging to give $10 a month to help us recover the funds we will no longer be receiving from the AmazonSmile program. Once we get 11 more individuals to sign up, we will have reached our goal AND we will have raised just a little bit more! As an added incentive, those who become new Torchbearers now through the end of February will receive a welcome kit with two bonus gifts: an AMA Foundation fleece blanket (which is perfect for this winter’s cold weather) and an AMA Foundation lunchbox (which will be perfect for carrying your lunch and snacks out to the flying site this summer)! 

Visit to sign up today and become a Torchbearer for future generations, and don’t forget to continue shopping online using AmazonSmile until February 20!