Lone Tree RC Flyers Receive Disaster Relief Grant

In August of 2020, the Lone Tree RC Flyers’ flying site experienced damage due to a Derecho that passed through their area. The wind storm tore up their runway from the right edge up to the center seam. This was previously fastened with 12″ staples and roof sealant, but it still wasn’t strong enough to withstand the wind. The remaining fabric on the left side of the runway suffered damages as well; patches of tears and holes between the fibers running the length of the runway that were not repairable.

After assessing the damage to the runway and evaluating their budget, the club decided to apply for AMA’s Disaster Relief Grant and was awarded the maximum amount of $500 to help rebuild their site. With the grant money, the Lone Tree RC Flyers were able to purchase two 300 foot rools of runway fabric that they will be laying down in the Spring of 2021.

Right Side Runway Damage
Left Side Runway Damage – Tears & Rips
Brian S. (Right) Presents the Disaster Relief Grant Check to Club Treasurer Mike F. (Left)