District IX Camp AMA Scholarship Fund

Terry Wiles and his wife won an AMA Goldberg award with a check for $200. After receiving the award with the check, the Wiles decided that they wanted to give back to the District IX Camp AMA Scholarship Fund.

In the fall of 2015, Jim Tiller was new to the AMA Executive Council. Tiller was informed of a young man who would be a great candidate for Camp AMA. After returning home from an event, Tiller had received an $800 donation from the 95th Street Club in Kansas City to go towards money for AMA youth programs. The check was a memorial taken up by the club for one of their longtime members, Darrell Watts. After receiving the check, it was arranged for Matt Carlson to be the first recipient of the District IX Camp AMA Scholarship.

With the generosity of local clubs and members like Terry Wiles, five more tuition scholarships have been given since the first. The recipients have been Toby Ray, Denver, CO, Austin Axmann, Kansas City, KS, Ethan Thibault, Rapid City, SD, Morgan Young, Denver, CO and Ashton Newton, Dakota City, NE.

In February 2019, Wiles and his wife decided to donate 24 lasered cups from their business which is about $200 worth in their cost. By selling the cups, Wiles figured it would bring in around $480 to the scholarship fund. The cups sold in one day so they lasered an additional 24 cups which also sold in one day. The Wiles expect to raise over $1000 from the original $200 Goldberg check.