Donor Spotlight: Donald William Carnes

It’s with great sadness we report the passing of AMA member Donald W. (Bill) Carnes of Florida. He passed in March 2017 at the age of 84. Bill was a long time member of the AMA and participant in his local model aircraft club in Naples, Florida. Bill is the newest member of the AMA Foundation Legacy Society. Thank you to Bill’s family for facilitating the donation of his model airplane collection for RC Resale to benefit the programs funded by the AMA Foundation.

Bill Carnes was a master craftsman who loved building and flying model aircraft. Bill’s love for model aircraft started in the early 1940’s. He started with rubber band propelled airplanes and from there he went on to building 1/4 and 1/2 scale models from kits and from scratch. As he got older, his passion turned toward gliders. Bill built many different model gliders over the years. He also received his glider pilot license to fly his own full scale gliders. Bill hoped to someday own a motor glider to not have to rely on a tow plane to get airborne. In 2008, he ordered a motor glider kit from Slovenia. This was transported to the U.S. via ship. Bill learned to use the internet in order to track the kits arrival to Miami because he was so excited. The model was a Sirus by Pipistrel Motor Glider which could take over a year to build. With the help of Bill’s friend Joe Casey, a retired airline pilot, the glider was assembled in a few months. Bill always paid attention to the smallest detail when working on his many projects no matter how big or small.

Bills collection of giant scale sailplanes has been donated to the AMA Foundation with the goal of helping raise some funds for AMA programs. These sailplanes were transported from Marco Island, Florida to Muncie, Indiana. Read more about the collection here.