Celina Flying Sportsmen Celebrates Annual Swap Meet

The Celina Flying Sportsmen have recently been awarded with at $175 Award Recognition and Grant by the AMA Foundation. The club hosted their annual Swap Meet where dozens of vendors filled 70 tables to get people started in the hobby of R.C. model flying. The club was featured in Hometown Station, WLIO Lima Ohio,  for the success of the event.

Eric Nelson, a member of the Celina Flying Sportsmen R.C. Club said, “The hobby’s been growing like mad. The Academy of Model Aeronautics (A.M.A) was about at 165,000 people. This year, I saw the numbers we’re up to 195 thousand, that’s worldwide.”

Gaining attention and growth into the hobby is something that is always appreciated by the AMA Foundation. We thank the Celina Flying Sportsmen R.C. Club for their efforts in sharing the passion of flying.

The AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program was established to encourage clubs to promote model aviation. The AMA offers clubs cash incentives for positive local media coverage for a public event, public service, club announcement, or other coverage. Click here to learn more about this program.