Meet AMA Flying Site Assistance Coordinator Tony Stillman

Meet Tony Stillman, AMA’s Flying Site Assistance Coordinator


The AMA has been involved in helping clubs with flying site issues for many years. After all, without flying sites, we can’t enjoy our hobby! When planning for 2014, AMA’s leadership wanted to focus on flying site assistance to further develop flying sites and help clubs across the country. To move forward with this effort, AMA’s Flying Site Assistance Coordinator, Tony Stillman was asked to become a fulltime employee of the AMA and work from AMA Headquarters.

Tony officially joined the team in Muncie on May 1, 2014. His goal is to help clubs with any and all in regard to flying sites. Although Tony works one-on-one with many clubs, he is also working to be proactive, and build programs that will make flying sites something communities hope to build.

Here is a general outline of the programs Tony is working on.

Pro-Active Programs:
• Assisting AMA Chartered Clubs and members with loss, or potential loss of flying sites.  This includes providing guidance on the search for a new site, as well as providing several types of documents and media to assist with the search and procurement of a new site.
• Implementation of a new program to focus on obtaining new flying sites at County/City Park and Recreation Departments, Military Moral, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Departments, and Corporate sponsored flying sites.
• Providing information on possible new sites on EPA SuperFund lands.
• Encouraging AMA Chartered Clubs to create good relationships with current site owners to promote continued access to the site.
• Teach Clubs how to promote their club and show how they can be an asset to the community.
• Help clubs create a positive impression with local/city/county officials
• Help clubs create a positive impression with residents (voters)
• Provide materials and examples of events that give a positive impression of the club with the community and local/city/county officials
• Teach behaviors that create a positive impression

Reactionary Programs:
Help clubs who are forced out of their flying site:
• Define issue that caused the problem
• Determine next course of action to see if site is salvageable
• Provide direction to club to pursue retention of site, if possible
• Give direction to club to begin looking for replacement site
• Provide support to club to gain access to site.

For more information about Tony, and the AMA’s Flying Site Assistance program, visit, or contact Tony directly—765-287-1256, ext. 230 or



  1. Ronald (Ron) Hargrave - Reply

    Hello Mr. Stillman
    My name is Ron Hargrave, secretary for Springfield MO RC Club 394 District 6. Our club has been in existence for 60 years and on our present field for the last 35 years. We are facing the probable loss of this field as the children of the original owner have now inherited this land.

    The purchasing price is well beyond our financial capability’s. ($500,000.00) so we are trying to locate another site.

    We have approached the Springfield Greene County Park Board and made a 1.5 hour presentation to them. This was met with a statement that they understood the need, and would take it under consideration. I have continued to follow up with them by providing articles on RC aircraft and the future of Drones in our future. I noticed that in the September issue of Model Aviation the section “Presidents Perspective” noted that ” its imperative that AMA strengthen its flying site program and enhance its approach to assisting members in locating, acquiring, and maintaining flying sites, because without them, we no longer have a hobby”.
    That is precisely the position that we find our club in. In addition to our club a sister club on the south side of town will most likely be in a similar position, as housing development is closing in on them.

    We are willing to do the work, and raise funds for a new site. Do you have any further suggestions that we can utilize in this search. is there financing assistance available from AMA to purchase property for a new club field operation?

    Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.
    Ron Hargrave

  2. Jim Nikodem - Reply


    Someone mentioned your name to help us get R/C Electronic Formula one finally moved over to an AMA event. Can you help us do that. We have existing rules developed under the National Miniature Pylon Racing Association (NMPRA). Where do we go from here?


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