Horizon R/C Flyers partner with the Puppy Rescue Mission

Back in February, the Horizon City R/C Flyers partnered with the Puppy Rescue Mission to raise funds for their cause to help find homes for pups across the world. The Puppy Rescue Mission primarily works in relocating dogs from warzones.

The Horizon City R/C Flyers took it upon themselves to host an event where steak dinners were offered and proceeds went to beneift the Puppy Rescue Mission.

To learn more about the Horizon City R/C Flyers, visit their webiste: https://hcrcflyers.com/


Below is a story from the Puppy Rescue Mission website about a group of pups rescued in Afghanistan.



This picture includes 4 of the 5 heroes that orchestrated an incredibly dangerous mission to rescue three puppies that were being held hostage by Afghan personnel. After multiple attempts to rescue them they were going in for one last try and at last they proudly succeeded! We truly cannot imagine what some of these men go through to save these precious lives. Their fate was grim and they would likely have been used as fighting dogs…thankfully these men loved animals enough they were willing to risk everything including their lives to get these three pups to safety.

Their names are Hawk, Hesco, and Lucky (for now)…and the men holding them will be their daddy’s once they arrive in the USA! Message from one of the special soldiers that I received this morning: “Great news, today we successfully extracted Hawk and two other puppies. Attached is a picture (taken at the very moment we completed the rescue) of some of our Infantrymen who volunteered for the mission. They love the puppies which they are holding and want to adopt them. We moved up the timeline to save the puppies when we found out that the driver was in our AO. It all happened very quickly. Some of the guys wished they had more time with the puppies but they knew that the sooner that the pups were in PRM hands, the better. So, it worked out perfectly. Special thanks to the driver for being so polite and for reassuring us that he would take great care of the three.”

– See more at: https://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/lucky/143485#sthash.hDFFovJo.dpuf

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