The Roswell Flight Test Crew supports the AMA Foundation

In this short video from the 2014 AMA Expo, Mandee Mikulski is asked about what the recently formed AMA Foundation is all about. She shares this information with the flight crew, who actually contributed themselves. In the interview she points out that the foundation seeks to provide the best possible future for model aviation through awareness, education, and government relations activities.

The AMA Foundation had a goal they sought to reach at AMA Expo 2014 of $2,500 for the initial launch. Donors and model aviators were asked to text a number with a said amount or go to the AMA Foundation website to contribute. Thank you to each of our supporters for helping us hit our goal!

The AMA Foundation supports a variety of benevolent programs the AMA has established to benefit model aeronautics and modelers nationwide. Areas of concentration include support of the National Model Aviation Museum, educational programs, scholarships, club support, and government relations activities focused on protecting the rights of model aviators in the national airspace.

The AMA Foundation needs your support to assist the AMA with its efforts to take model aviation awareness and education to the next level.

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