AMA and STEM+C Letter of Agreement


The AMA seeks to support its members in their passion for model aviation. We do so by sharing responsibilities between teams of employees, as well as partner organizations. STEM+C and the AMA have teamed up to work together to protect our favorite hobby.

STEM+C is an organization that works with educators and students to provide hands-on learning experiences for those who are interested in aviation, aeronautics, aerospace, robotics, rocketry, and software. STEM+C focuses primarily on practical hands-on learning that encourages trial and error. They facilitate student learning through classroom instruction, mentorship, guidance, and advice to pave the way for students to develop science and engineering literacy. At its core, STEM+C helps nurture students’ interests in STEM fields.


[We] provide the most fun, hands-on learning to students of all ages interested in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through a Creative thought process.  Our focus is in the areas of Aviation, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Software and Robotics.

 We passionately promote model aviation through hands on learning.

STEM+C Mission Statement

The AMA and STEM+C have agreed to work together to ensure that passionate aviators can rest easy knowing that their favorite hobby is protected. This will be done through coordinated teamwork and steady communication. The AMA and STEM+C will be sharing and utilizing resources and trainings between both organizations to ensure that members of both parties will have access to plenty of aviation education.

We are very excited to be working with STEM+C, and are looking forward to seeing where this partnership can take us!


  1. Excellent initiative!
    I’m an engineer by trade and I’ve been building and flying planes for 50+ years and drones for 10.
    There are so many “hands-on” things most of today’s youth never get to experience.
    Building working models helped me learn the basic principles of structural design and geometry early on. I developed some intuitive understanding and gut feel too.
    Later, the math, CAD, etc, – Yeah.
    Best of luck with this.


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