There’s “Snow” Better Way to Have Winter Fun than a Quick Project!

As winter holidays approach, we here at the AMA are looking for new, fun ways to celebrate. Our new Snowflake Flyers Quick STE(A)M Project is an awesome way to prepare for upcoming celebrations, and we’re delighted to share this with you!

Snowflake Flyers are a festive way to introduce science, technology, engineering, art, and math learning into your holiday traditions. And once you’re done learning and exploring, you can use your Snowflake Flyers as winter decor!

You can find plenty of free Quick Projects on the AMA Flight School site. Launch a Rocket Mouse, build a Recycled Materials Hovercraft, and explore the world of aviation with a Scavenger Hunt to name a few.

And if you’ve discovered this project after the winter holidays, we’ve got other holiday projects to check out, such as our Halloween Paper Bats or our Thanksgiving Gobbler Glider; and if you have an idea for a new quick project, let us know in the comments section below!

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