AMA Jr. Camp 2022

Whether your child is interested in getting started with model aviation or if they’re looking for something new in world of flight, the Academy of Model Aeronautics (virtual) Jr. Camp is an engaging hands-on experience for students between the ages of 5 and 13!

The 2022 camp will take place each day from April 25-29. Morning sessions will be from 11am-12pm EST.

Each morning session will cover a different aerodynamic concept and step-by-step instructions from the AMA Education team for building and testing a working model!

Special guests will also be joining us daily during the afternoon session (3-4pm EST) to talk about how model aviation has changed their lives, and how it can help to change the world!

Interviews such as this conversation with Lora Knowlton are an integral part of AMA Jr. Camp every year.

One project this year will be a simple paper airplane, but our approach is anything but simple. The paper airplane lesson will be led by an expert on the subject – Kyle Boyer. After all, he wrote the book on paper airplanes.

Another project is the Mars Ingenuity Helicopter. While we in the AMA Education Team could have fun presenting this subject matter we thought it would be more exciting to hear from somebody who is a part of the Ingenuity Program Team. We will have Matt Keennon who helped design, test and build the craft that is still operating on Mars.

For the AMA Junior Camp, hands-on activities make use of general household items, or you can order a flight kit with everything you will need to have a fun and educational week!

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