National Drone Safety Awareness Week

If you ride a bicycle in your house, there are really no rules. But you might want to ask mom and dad first. The same goes for flying a drone in your house.

However, once you bring your bike off your property or your drone into the outside air, there are rules to keep you and everyone else safe.

Drones can be fun, but all drone pilots should focus on safety first.

That’s why the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) launched National Drone Safety Awareness Week.

This year, the virtual campaign takes place September 13 – 19 and puts a special emphasis on the people served by the Academy of Model Aeronautics: the recreational flying community.

The event was created to not just promote safety, but to also connect community events across the country to share the joy of flying drones safely. Having the support of an entire community can be life changing.

The FAA and its’ stakeholders will present the following topics during Drone Safety Awareness Week:

MONDAY – Safe flyers take TRUST – Learn about the safety information you need to know before you fly!

TUESDAY – Register and mark your drone – How do you get registered and who needs to register?

WEDNESDAY – Become a part of a flying community (Community Based Organizations).

THURSDAY – New rules – Learn about remote identification and operations over people.

FRIDAY – Public Safety & Public Acceptance – How can we spread the news about drones?

WEEKEND – Share the skies – Let’s go out and fly!

Before you fly a drone, you will want to check all the resources that will keep you and others safe.

Follow along with all the happenings during National Drone Safety Awareness Week on these sites:

LinkedIn: @FAA DroneZone

Twitter: @FAADroneZone and @UASafety Team

YouTube: @faa

Facebook: @FAADroneZone

Instagram: @faa

See more resources at the FAA by clicking here.

Visit Drone Safety Awareness Week by clicking here.

Check out the AMA safety code here.

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