FAA Aviation Safety STEM Career Symposium

Do you want to build your skills and have fun? Finding the best way to accomplish both tasks at the same time is the trick. You may not realize that you can learn about STEM while having a great time, but you can!

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has great STEM resources such as UAS4STEM which stands for Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. UAS4STEM is an annual competitive event for youths, 11 – 19 years of age.

There is the challenging task of teamwork involved, but the real fun happens when teams build and fly a drone around a challenging course. The lessons learned can position young people to be more prepared for a career in aviation or other STEM fields. Many of the worlds finest aviators started with model aircraft.

AMA has partners that have great resources, and we want to share those as well. One of them is a federal agency you might hear about in the news. It is the Federal Aviation Administration, commonly referred to as the FAA.

Because of what you hear about in the news, you might think that the FAA only works on serious issues with adults. But the organization also works on fun (and serious) issues with kids. The FAA provides amazing support and guidance for your STEM adventures, so get ready!

Students in middle school, high school, and college throughout the U.S. are invited to attend the virtual, all-day FAA Aviation Safety STEM Career Symposium on September 23, 2021.

The event is designed to expose students to the world of aviation. There will be STEM opportunities on full display as the FAA teams up with other groups such as the AMA, to spark interest in aviation careers.

Students will learn about jobs such as aviation safety inspectors, aerospace engineers, medical officers, pilots, air traffic controllers, and mathematicians.

You can have fun while learning to prepare yourself for the future. Start now by joining the Academy of Model Aeronautics and tuning in to the Federal Aviation Administration and all they have to offer.

If you are ready to have fun learning about STEM, sign up today. Register at https://avsstemcareersymposium.vfairs.com/

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