Youth Members Compete in World Championships

A handful of AMA Youth members have competed in world championships around the globe this summer in the categories of RC Aerobatics, Hand-Launch Glider Soaring, and Electric-Powered Thermal Duration Soaring. Among them, one finished in first place overall. Kal Reifsnyder, an RC Aerobatics competitor, took first place in the 2019 FAI F3A World Championship for Aerobatic Model Aircraft, held August 3-10 in Italy. Kal was the lone Junior member of Team USA F3A. Congratulations, Kal! Earlier this summer, Junior pilots competed in Hungary, in the FAI F3K World Championship for Model Gliders (Hand-Launch Gliders). In that contest, Noah Myers placed third, and his teammates Owen Haugh and Paul Reese finished in seventh and 16th places. Overall, the team finished in second place! In the most recent contest, Juniors Stoil Avramov, Dennis Hesselius, and Daniel Estingoy traveled to Slovakia to compete August 11-17. Congratulations to that team for finishing in sixth place overall in the FAI F5J World Championship for Electric Powered Thermal Duration Gliders. You can find out how the adult teams finished in these competitions at

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