EAA’s Young Eagles superhero Aviore returns!

Aviore, the aviation superhero who made his comic book debut at EAA AirVenture 2018, is back for more aviation thrills in his second volume, The Adventures of Aviore, which is now available to EAA members through Sport Aviation magazine and online at Aviore.org.

Representing EAA’s Young Eagles program, Aviore was unveiled at EAA AirVenture 2017 by the late Stan Lee, the Marvel Comics legend who created such superheroes as Spiderman and the Hulk. Aviore was a gift to Young Eagles from the Stan Lee Foundation, with a goal of instilling a passion for aviation for young people.

In his latest adventure, titled “Angles of Attack,” Aviore and the T.A.L.O.N. team face off against the evil schemes of Drag and Turbulence, who are involved in a plot to steal a laser for an even bigger foe. Along the way, readers will learn more about aviation and the history of flight.

Each Aviore comic book is drawn and written in the style made famous by Marvel Comics. Each volume also contains links to more information and fun activities for young aviation enthusiasts. Along with the print version, every Aviore volume will be available online at Aviore.org.

In the series, Aviore’s everyday identity is Jake Peregrine Howard — Perry to his friends — a young high school student living on a farm just outside of Wichita, Kansas, who’s infatuated with the eagles and hawks he’s seen soaring in the skies above him.

Then, a Young Eagles flight at the local airport — his first time in the air — changes his life forever. The event triggers a powerful transformation of both mind and body, as his senses became more acute and his mind sharpens, and Perry becomes a superhero, dedicating his life to using the power of flight to help those in need.

As Aviore’s legend grows in tandem with his burgeoning superpowers, he becomes an inspiration to young people all over the world, encouraging them to follow their passions and find their place in the sky.

More volumes of Aviore’s adventures will be unveiled during the coming months and made available to young people everywhere who have their own dreams of flight.

The EAA Young Eagles program has flown more than 2.1 million kids age 8-17 free of charge since 1992. Tens of thousands of those Young Eagles have become pilots or involved in aviation-minded careers. For more information about EAA Young Eagles, go to EAA.org/YoungEagles.

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