AMA Education Committee Member, Dr. Jeff Montgomery, Awarded One of the Nation’s Top Aerospace Education Awards

Dr. Jeff Montgomery, a dedicated advocate for aerospace and STEM education, has been awarded the 2017 Dr. Mervin K. Strickler Jr. Award. NCASE established the award in 1995 to honor Strickler, and recognize individuals or organizations sharing his personal commitment and lifelong contributions to aerospace education. During his lifetime, Strickler promoted aerospace education for more than 55 years and is considered the “father” of aerospace education.

Dr. Montgomery is the Deputy Director of Aerospace Education for the Civil Air Patrol, and also a member of the AMA Education Committee. The partnership between the Civil Air Patrol and AMA has provided thousands of cadets the opportunity to experience flight through radio control model aircraft. As the recipient of the 2017 award, Montgomery is representative of the best in aerospace education innovation and leadership. We are very fortunate and proud to have such a great individual and friend serve on the AMA Education Committee.







  1. Congratulations,You are one of the reasons the AMA is what it is today.It is good to have you on our side and I am so very proud.THANK YOU! And thanks for all you do and have done for us all. James McWhorter

  2. It is because of people like you that America is great, and will continue to be. You make us all proud.

  3. “Thank You”,it’s because of people like you that I’ve continued my AMA membership for the last 41 years! Norm Gross

  4. Congratulations Dr.Montgomery! As I say to anyone who exceeds in the aerospace industry …You have the “Right Stuff” Please keep the AMA close to your heart no matter what our political enviroment may bring, Best of luck!

  5. Long time RC. As a member this was just a hobby. What I pay
    In dues dose not account for political movement to control a hobby. Those additional fees for registering drones is another way to bank roll into the poetical pockets.

  6. First, Dr. Montgomery, I would like to congratulate you on your recent award.
    I am a local aerospace leader in New Hampshire, Laconia, Conway and Concord. I am a member of three AMA clubs. For 10 years I have tried without success to interact with the CAP when their cadets showed interest in RC flying. Any interaction is always blocked by their adult leadership. I find this situation extremely frustrating and am unable to understand the reasons. If you can suggest an approach which I am missing or any explanation it would be greatly appreciated. I am aware of the interests of our current youth and that at times it is difficult to get in touch with them but it seems that in certain locations there is a lack of adult leadership in the CAP.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    M. Rothemund

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