The ESTECO Academy and AMA partner to give free and discounted membership to university students

Together, the ESTECO Academy and AMA have teamed up to provide university students free and discounted memberships. The AMA’s University Model Aviation Student Club (UMASC), is currently offering full open membership at $15 per student. That’s a great discount over the cost of a full membership!

ESTECO develops software for multidisciplinary optimization (MDO). Its flagship product modeFRONTIER is used worldwide across many industries to integrate simulation processes, conduct trade-off studies and find optimal designs. ESTECO will sponsor AMA members and offer free academic modeFRONTIER licenses for students and PhD researchers. Usually, these academic licenses cost $120/year and $240/year respectively.

For more information, visit the links below:

ESTECO Academy

University Model Aviation Student Club (UMASC)


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