The Augusta R/C Academy brings R/C flight to local youth

Augusta RC Academy (ARC) was initially established about 4 years ago to work with disadvantaged youth providing structure, responsibility and accountability lessons via remote controlled flight. Each year since its start, the program has been refined and honed to fit unique applications. From the everyday classroom to the Boy Scouts cams to local air shows, ARC has grown its presence and footprint in the Southeast region with instruction based on the AMA safety standards and guidelines. Originally created by Vernon (Vern) Horne, many other area pilots were soon to join in and provide instruction and support in mediums ranging from planes to helicopters to drones!

Over time ARC would partner with the National Society of Black Engineers; a group dedicated to STEM and its generational impact on local youth in areas not often provided such experiences. From campus trips, to educational camps to fund raisers, NSBE is a nationally recognized organization and with far reaching ties and influence. So, on its third consecutive year, ARC and NSBE partnered to support the NSBE Technology Expo; an event showcasing the application of STEM based technology in many sectors of the public workforce and skilled trades. The Expo allows kids to get hands on experience with various areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics while engaging them mentally with unique aspects of each application! From Middle School to High School, there is always something for everyone to enjoy! Parents and kids alike enjoy crashing on the sims but also learning how to correct their errors and learn to “fly right”!

ARC provides a classroom setting on Aeronautics, Airfoils, Planes, Drones and Rotors, Flight Characteristics, Flight Simulation (indoor and outdoor trailer simulation) as well as RC pilot flight demonstrations. The students are allowed to SEE the technology discussed in lesson in its application, reinforcing the learning that takes place with a visual stimulation. And ARC has excelled at providing this experience! Pilots from as far as 2 hours away come to help with the lessons and flight demos ARC has become known for in the community. The parents love the instruction and the kids learn of the many areas and life skills as well as potential college educational fields they might not have considered otherwise.  And as ARC grows its reach and impact, it provides the next generation of RC enthusiast with that spark to continue in this hobby! ARC was founded by personal initiative and sacrifice but exists to make better RC pilots, better students and better citizens through direct interaction.

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