Cal State University students seek assistance with UAS poll

Students enrolled in California State University course Introduction to Remotely-Piloted Systems along with members of the Aerial and Aquatic Robotic Research (AARR) Group at the school have developed a poll to help them better understand the potential uses and attitudes toward UAVs.

The poll, which only takes about nine minutes to complete will help the students understand how the public views law enforcement using UAVs or drones, educational uses, movie studio uses, and other applications of the technology.

Research like this is helping CI to become nationally prominent in the field of UAV education, according to entrepreneurs and other UAV experts, including Florida lawyer and legal scholar Jonathan Rupprecht, who specializes in Federal Aviation Administration issues and drone integration into the National Air Space.

To read more about the poll and the California State University program visit

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  1. I am surprised the AMA would give Cal State Channel Island the time of day.
    The history of this school shutting down the model field that had long operated there as the Channel Island Condors. The claim of fires does not completely hold water as they closed the boat pond also. Granted they had a fire issue with some lipo aircraft, but no opportunity was given to first make this a fuel and glider field, until reamedy for lipo problems could be resolved. Perhaps the AMA contact with the schools survey program could use this opportunity to make arrangements to reopen modeling at the school. The school is most likely using the clubs improvements now.

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