Gordon Schimmel Honored

Congratulations to AMA’s Education Outreach Specialist, Gordon Schimmel, Ed. D, who was recently honored at the Society for the Encouragement of Progress’s annual ceremony in the French Senate at the Palis du Luxembourge in Paris.

The Society for the Encouragement of Progress is a non-profit association created more than 100 years ago, to honor individuals who have contributed to progress in all of its forms and in all disciplines.  The work of the society is dedicated to supporting and encouraging positive accomplishment and contributions that benefit all in the global community. Nearly 50 individuals from several countries, representing a variety of vocations, disciplines and areas of interest – from medicine, to the arts, to aviation and education were honored at the ceremony.

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  1. Congratulations! I was one of your constituents that was fortunate to have watched your presentation. I was impressed how well it went as well as the other club members.
    Happy Flights

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