AMA Club Encourages and Educates Youth

Last Saturday the Coachella Valley Radio Control Club did their part to encourage and educate youth about model aeronautics and show them how fun it is to make something fly. The club offered a one-hour workshop for kids to learn how to build and fly a model plane made out of balsa wood.

One of the children interviewed say, “It’s easy.  I’m doing this all on my own.” She did have some help however. Dan Metz president of the club helped her with a lot of the gluing.

More than a dozen kids turned out for the event, which was offered free of charge with a paid admission to the museum.

“A lot of kids have never built anything in their life, so it’s real exciting to see them accomplish this,” Metz said. “It’s to try and get some interest going in aviation, engineering and mathematics.”

After assembling the rubber-band propelled planes, many of the kids climbed the steps of a cockpit mockup to deploy their aircraft in the museum’s bay.

The AMA encourages clubs to educate the community on the possibilities of model aeronautics. The education team at the AMA has programming to help. You can email Jessy Symmes for information,

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