Camp AMA 2012


This year’s Camp AMA was held at the AMA headquarters in Muncie, IN June 17-21. Campers were given the opportunity to learn and work on their flying capabilities with some of the best RC pilots in the world. Camp AMA accepts teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 years old, with skill levels from beginner to advance. This year brought in 17 campers to the 5 day camp from all across the country.

Campers got the chance to work personally with our two main instructors Nick Maxwell and RJ Gritter. Both AMA Youth Ambassadors, Nick and RJ helped campers work on techniques as well as show the kids a few flight demonstrations. Both instructors used their expertise to train and teach the campers in all aspects of RC.

The camp was sponsored this year by Muncie Applebee’s and Texas Roadhouse.  Texas Roadhouse provided the lunches daily for all of the campers. In the evening after a long day of flying the campers were treated to Applebee’s dinner by a very gracious and welcoming staff. The AMA would like to say thanks again to our camp sponsors for their support.

Along with the all of the flying that the campers got to do on the field they also got to tour the National Model Aviation Museum and AMA Headquarters.

The nights at camp were full of creativity. After returning to the hotel the kids used their free time to create their own YouTube channel. They were editing and adding videos from the day flights almost every night. Jessy Symmes, AMA Coordinator of Educational Programs says, “It was great to see the campers get together and work on something together.”  Since camp has ended several more videos have been posted. Please go to “AMAture RC Spinsider” to see what they have come up with.

“We had a blast this year with Camp AMA. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of talented kids with heart and passion for RC. We are already looking forward to Camp AMA 2013, says Bill Prichett, AMA Education Director.

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