Since the AMA and CAP partnership began in early 2011, the basic AMA “Take Off and Grow” (TAG) program has a new spinoff concept called TAG-Teams within the Civil Air Patrol.  TAG-Teams are CAP units and AMA clubs that have agreed to partner together to advance aeromodeling using AMA airparks and RC expertise with CAPs cadets. All CAP cadets and youth now enjoy “free” youth memberships. CAP units that work with AMA clubs are eligible for Radio Control (RC) flight simulators, and related equipment to assist the cadets in learning how to fly RC aircraft when working TAG-Teams are confirmed to be working together. To date over 250 TAG-Teams (CAP units) are in various levels of development within CAP, affecting an estimated 4,500 cadets and CAP members.  The MARC program is also located on the AMA/Education website as well as the CAP/Education web site making CAP and AMA awareness available to AMA’s 160,000 membership and CAPs 60,000 members as a recruiting tool. To find CAP units near you follow the following link: https://cap.findlocation.com/


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