Hot Springs R/C Flying Club community involvement

by Steve StephenOne weekend day at the flying field last year, I was approached by Dr. Janice Sullivan, Dean of Academic Affairs, and her husband about our club, interests in aviation, etc., and she asked if it would be possible to conduct an extracurricular weekly class at the school to see if our involvement would promote possible future careers in aviation. And to determine if the school should pursue an aviation curriculum in the future. 

This was a first, and we were present at “Club Day” at the school in August 2011, when all new students in the 11th grade could sign up for after school clubs and activities. Initial tally was 12 students. Five 5 stayed with us for the 10-month school session. Final class was May 10, 2012, at the flying field with the flight of the aircraft that they built with assistance. And we have been invited back in 2013.


We also held a ” Faculty Day ” at the flying field to introduce ourselves, ..and anyone wanting to fly got the buddy chance.


Below are basic overviews that I presented to Dr. Sullivan in July, 2011, ….for the “Green Light.”


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