Meet Alex Schauer, newsletter name contest winner!

AMA Flightline is the winning name that received the most votes from more than 300 entries.  Alex Schauer, age 13, from North Mankato, Minnesota submitted the winning name. He wins the RealFlight6 R/C Flight Simulator. Not only is Alex thrilled that AMA Flightline was selected, he’s just as thrilled to win RealFlight6. Alex has been sharpening is flying skills on an older version, RealFlight3.5, that he borrowed from his uncle.Alex’s interest in learning to fly RC airplanes actually started with RC boats. One day he went to watch his friend run his model boat. Alex visited the Tower Hobbies website where his friend bought his boat, saw the airplanes, and instantly decided he wanted to fly. “I’ve always been interested in anything that flies and seeing all the airplanes, I knew flying is what I wanted to do,” said Alex.

He purchased a SuperStar, an electric-powered airplane that is ideal for flight training. Shortly after, he saw a newspaper story about the Academy of Model Aeronautics’ flying club, North Mankato Electric Flyers and the club’s new flying field. Alex met AMA member Rick Apitz who became his flight instructor.

Alex said, “I found learning to fly to be so easy. It’s learning to land that is the most challenging thing about flying.” He added, “Flying on a simulator helps you learn quickly.” Alex has been flying for about four months now and usually with a friend and a neighbor both his age.


Alex Schauer and his Cirrus SR22 Turbo
Alex Schauer and his Cirrus SR22 Turbo

Flying in Pattern and 3-D competitions is a goal Alex has set for himself. He now flies a TechOne Rainbow designed especially for 3-D flying. Alex’s newest airplane is the ElectricFly Cirrus SR22 Turbo. To control his airplanes, Alex uses a Futaba 7C 2.4GHz radio.

“I love flying model airplanes. It’s so much better than sitting in front of the TV because you’re doing something with your brain. It can get you on the edge of your feet when you’re flying. There’s so much to learn, but after you learn a good chunk of it, it can help you get a good career. Someday I’d like to be a model airplane engineer or a pilot,” said Alex.

Note: The SuperStar airplane is no longer available.

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